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Tito Vacci Dog Face Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweatshirts

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Made for the ones who stay forever in style & march to the beat of their own drum, our 100% cotton Panda T-Shirt is crafted with heavier yarns, making it the perfect transitional piece. As unique as you, this garment has been hand-treated with intentional imperfections for authentically worn-in softness and style.

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Tito Vacci Black & Black Swirl frame

The Tito Vacci Black & Black Swirl frame. Founded on the precepts of craftsmanship and creativity, Tito Vacci is now recognized as a rising iconic fashion house for its prestige and trend setting designs. Our handcrafted acetate frames are identifiable by the custom Tito Vacci logo that is meticulously imprinted onto metal tags carefully placed to settle directly over the temples. Other differentiating touches include the model number etched into the left inside arm and a subtle optical tint, each of which assures authenticity and enhances the Tito Vacci fashion experience.

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